What To Look For In A Daycare Facility For A Physically Disabled Child

Posted on: 20 June 2016

When your child has a physical disability but no developmental issues, a regular daycare can be an excellent option to help them integrate with their peers. The issue is that you will need to make sure that the facility you choose is still able to meet the needs of your child. The following guide can help you determine what to look for when picking out the facility. Is the building fully accessible?
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4 Reasons To Look For A Child Care Program That Includes Art Education

Posted on: 18 November 2015

When shopping around for child care, choosing the best program requires you to look deeper than just the price and the qualifications of the caretakers. Whether your child is still an infant or almost old enough to stay home alone, care programs integrating art education can pay off years from now. Since your child is already spending hours a day at a daycare program, making sure that program includes art results in these four important benefits.
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How to Decrease Separation Anxiety When You Drop Your Child Off at Daycare

Posted on: 2 September 2015

One of the hardest things about being a parent is going back to work after your maternity or paternity leave is finished or after your child is old enough for you to feel comfortable sending him or her to daycare. You are leaving your child in a strange place and, regardless of the child's age, you both will have a difficult time performing this action. Your child might scream and cry and you might find yourself extremely worried about him or her to the point of distraction.
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How To Enrich Your Preschoolers Life Through Teaching

Posted on: 18 August 2015

When you were a child you probably didn't give a lot of thought to how you were going to educate your own children some day. Yet, here you are with children of your own and with the desire to give them the best their world has to offer them. Here are some ideas that might inspire you to help them to learn from the time they're little. In The Home
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