How To Enrich Your Preschoolers Life Through Teaching

Posted on: 18 August 2015

When you were a child you probably didn't give a lot of thought to how you were going to educate your own children some day. Yet, here you are with children of your own and with the desire to give them the best their world has to offer them. Here are some ideas that might inspire you to help them to learn from the time they're little.

In The Home

What better place is there to begin learning than right at home? It's in the home that children generally feel the most secure and the most loved. Aren't you lucky to be your children's first teacher? And, you don't have to spend a great deal of money while you're looking for ways to enrich those little brains.

Of course, reading is one of the most important things your children can learn to love, and it comes pretty naturally when you provide them with a variety of reading experiences. Think of making their own little reading nook away from the television set or any other distractions. Bean bag chairs, a hammock, or their own cute little pillows on the floor will be cozy and inviting settings for reading time on their own.

Besides reading their own books, consider letting them make their own books. For example, you can find pictures of animals and provide your child with colorful paper and paste so they can make their first animal encyclopedia.

Another place for your children to learn is right in your kitchen. When you're going to make 7-Bean Soup, think of asking the kids to separate all the beans and put the different types of beans in their own little containers. Plastic kitchen utensils can double as learning toys, too. For example, measuring cups are fun to stack.

In The World

As you plan your days, consider how your children can have learning experiences outside of your home.

Of course, field trips to places like the zoo, children's museums, planetariums and factories are excellent. However, think about even making your shopping a learning time. It's fun to write down the place where items in the store were made. Then, when you get home, it's even more fun for the children to see on a world globe where those places are.

Do you have friends who have lived in other countries or who come from a different cultural background than yours? If so, consider asking if you can bring your children to their home to see objects that they display in their home and to learn new things about different places and different life styles.

A great place to learn is at preschool. Not only will they have a ball interacting with other children, but they will learn to take turns and to share toys. Preschools provide learning through things like music and dance and by providing toys that encourage learning. If you decide to look for a preschool for your child, find out what the school's philosophy on learning is, meet the director and the teacher and find out how misbehavior is treated. Visit sites like to find a preschool where your child can feel safe and nurtured.